Anytime a brand's debut collection is to be stocked exclusively at Opening Ceremony, chances are you should pay attention. XXBC is releasing its debut season of gear, which is heavy on the sweats, and incorporates glimpses of baroque prints that hark back to Versailles-type ballrooms and decor. The rugged and cozy sweatpants, sweatshorts, sweatshirts, and sweat T-shirts will be available later this month in Opening Ceremony, a shop that's known for spotting and supporting talent that's set to be the next hot shit, so we advise you check out this label.

Shot by Chris Battaglia, the video lookbook showcases the styles that XXBC will be dropping, but doesn't let on how each piece will be one of one. And if you're wondering about the minds of the two dudes behind the new label, just take a gander at some of their inspiration: "Jadakiss's paper towel headband in the "Knock Yourself Out" video; ornate rugs; fake things that are very, very real; a middle-aged William "The Refrigerator" Perry wearing a full Realtree camo suit, wielding a crossbow." 

Obviously, a sense of humor and not taking itself too seriously is a key element in XXBC's goods, but we won't be laughing if we aren't able to get a piece or two when this drop happens in mid-November. If you prefer to scope out potential coppings without Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" dreamily lulling you away, peep the photos shot by James Parker below.