Australian designer Wil Fry has been crashing the Internet this past year thanks his funny and piercing takes on fashion. But instead of witty interpretations of luxury brands, some of his designs copy the actual hangtags of the designer labels themselves.

One of the most sought after pieces is the Expensive Jacket. This full-blown bomber jacket is littered with photo print tags that include brands from Chanel to Valentino. Only people with serious connects like A$AP Nast could get their hands on this exclusive piece, but now it’s being made available to the public.

Starting today you can stop by the VFiles store and cop to add to your collection. An online release will follow later tonight, and pre-ordering is possible. Also currently available is the Collaboration Jacket, which is a mish-mash imagery from Givenchy, Dior, Céline, and more. 

Judging by Wil Fry’s last jacket release with VFiles, the Expensive Jacket might set you back a cool $500. But if you think about it, having some big names in fashion all in one jacket for five hundo doesn’t sound too bad at all. Visit the VFiles website tonight to cop.

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