Schott’s Perfecto jacket is a design that has been reinterpreted and copied many times over. Its most recognizable asymmetrical zipper can be spotted instantly as a stylish masterpiece, but it was made for function rather than looks. 100 years after its introduction and it’s still going strong.

Volcom has teamed up with Schott to remix its own version for the Volcom Team Riders jacket. It features a bright orange lining and a contrasting white collar detail. Volcom branding can be found near the hem and placed on top of the epaulets. Dubbed the Yae Riders jacket, it’s the same butter soft leather outerwear with all the amazing details found throughout the piece. A limited run of only 200 pieces were made, and it retails for $1,280, so good luck hunting one down and explaining the purchase to your girl.

[via Honeyee]