For the past 25 years, Tony Feher has created art using found objects that would have otherwise been disposed of or destroyed. Feher has used marbles, paper, boxes, bags, soda crates, bottles, and just about anything else that he could find that others would deem "useless," creating sculptures and installations that give new life to transient things and that question the impermanence and importance of our lives and everyday experiences.

The retrospective at the Bronx Museum is Feher's first and contains 60 of his works and there is also a public art installation component. Feher painted an adjacent lot DayGlo “Screamin Flourescent Aurora Pink" so that it too would gain a new identity like the objects used in his sculptures. Holly Block, director of the museum, says that Feher "brings joy to objects we often overlook and simultaneously reminds us to think critically about the fleeting nature of life itself." The retrospective will show through February 9. For more information about the exhibition, visit the Bronx Museum's website here.