Remember when that one menswear editor wore a Modell’s basic Nike crewneck and everyone was like THAT’S SOOO DOPE and realized that even shitty previous level basics can look cool? YEAH FUCK THAT NOISE. I’m all about lux fucking basics. Ca$hmere crewnecks on deck motherfuckers. Just wear a Hane’s extra-long tee underneath, some nice dark denim, and probably Timbs or whatever. I don’t really care. The new/old look is all about pairing crewnecks and hoodies with lavish gold necklaces. And before you get all “A bunch of corny white dudes wearing gold necklaces and Timbs?!?” just remember what the current trend is — a bunch of corny white dudes wearing ethnic beads and Timbs. At least you can talk about snatching people’s chains in the comments of street style posts.

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