What's the one thing you remember from physics class? Every action causes a reaction.

It was only a matter of time before fall's rebirth of minimalism was met by some opposition.

And what a counter STARSTYLING has presented in its spring/summer 2014 lookbook - it's not a series of fits as much as it is a big up-yours to the monochrome pairings, straight-laced button downs and unembellished t-shirts that dominated brand aesthetics this season. Titled, "Fuck the Minimal," the Berlin-based label's preview put polka dots with geometric-shape prints, features bright purples and baby blues, and, yes, those white pants do have multi-colored tags all over.

But husband and wife company founders Kai Seifried and Katja Schlegel aren't exactly turned down - they recently celebrated the brand's 10-year anniversary with their "Hologhost" installation art project, in which huge sheets of holographic paper were tacked up in various spots around Tokyo while accompanying music twinkled in the background. 

Wonder what the reaction to this reaction will be.