It seems like Shepard Fairey is involved in some capacity with everything cool in the world. The artist, designer, activist, and music lover recently worked with Dogtown founder Jim Muir to create custom skate decks which will go on sale on November 21 via OBEYGIANT.COM and feature artwork adapted from a photo taken by legendary photographer Glen E. Friedman.

The decks were handmade by Jim Muir using templates from an original board he rode in 1977, the same board he was riding in Friedman's photo that Fairey used for an illustration in the past. Fairey's illustration was resized and applied to the custom boards and he, Muir, and Friedman signed each one (to read the full story by Muir and Fairey, click here). 75 natural maple boards and 75 custom airbrushed color-fade boards will be sold to the fastest mouse-clickers on November 21 at 10am PST for $175 and $250, respectively. Obviously they won't last long so you may want to sit on the site so you don't miss out.

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