G-Star has an affinity for the RAW. After all, it was the first denim line to focus on using untreated denim, which launched a revolution throughout the industry.

Now, in its new video series, RAW Episodes, G-Star introduces fans to a number of artists who embrace this same sense of rawness—pioneers who not only influence the digital landscape, but also share in the brand’s belief in innovation and authenticity.

First up is Yuna Zarai, an LA-based artist whose eclectic tastes are matched only by her multi-faceted talents. Born in Malaysia, Yuna now lives in Los Angeles, where she has married her cultural background with a musical sound that spans many genres—from pop to soul to R&B to acoustic folk. Known simply as “Yuna” in the music world, Zarai has already worked with high profile producers such as Pharrell Williams, and recently released her second record.

In the inaugural RAW Episode, Yuna takes us to some of her favorite LA haunts, as she discusses everything from what inspires her (hint: it’s everything) to why she loves designing her own head scarves (which you’ll rarely see her without). She even finds time to do a little rooftop jam session. It’s an intimate portrait of a very interesting artist who is as raw as she is ready for stardom. As Yuna herself puts it: “If you truly believe in something, just do it…keep your head up, do what you do, and do it great.”

Click on the video below to watch the first installment of G-Star RAW Episodes. For more on the series, and on Yuna Zarai, be sure to click here. #GStarRAW #RAWepisodes