This brilliant project by the Nooyoon design firm, spearheaded by Hyuntek Yoon, reimagines the abandoned Mopo Oil Reserve Base in Seoul, Korea into a community arts and activity center. The project, called Hidden Gems, shows how abandoned spaces can still be repurposed to provide the surrounding communities with a new sense of use. Hidden Gems seeks to do just that in a number of community-oriented ways.

The design of the new facility includes a climbing wall, a museum, a diving tank, and an opera house. This is all girded by what Nooyoon calls the Necklace, which would be one of the largest spokeless Ferris wheels in the world. Seoul happens to be one of the only major cities on earth without a Ferris wheel and the Necklace would provide sky-high views of the Korean metropolis.

Check out some renderings of the project above and more details at Nooyoon’s website, where the project is described in heavy detail.

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[via Designboom]

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