Remaining comfortable with your personal sense of style is easy, and, eventually, boring. But attempting to pull off some new shit can be daunting and challenging. Luckily, LN-CC has put together a few looks that show off how to take things to advanced levels, including silhouettes, layering, materials, and other aspects that you may not fuck with at the moment, but might want to after you click through the latest lookbook from the greatest store in the world.

Pieces from Dries Van Noten, Rick Owens, Damir Doma, Yohji Yamamoto, Raf Simons, and others are all represented and styled flawlessly. Even if you're only in a place where you can afford to cop one of these luxury investment pieces, think of this lookbook (and all others) as less a catalogue and more of a inspirational guide on how to rock this shit to maximum levels of freshness. Head over to LN-CC to cruise through the items pictured here, as well as much, much more. And yes, if you're ever in London, you need to make the wild shop a destination on your itinerary.