Barneys New York’s The Window blog recently sat down with Michael Bastian to get his opinion on a few subjects regarding menswear. Taking a break from designing his namesake collection and his offerings for GANT, he sounds off on the evolution of menswear, his style icons, and provides a few tips for dudes struggling to improve on their fashions. 

Perhaps the most important thing to take from his words of wisdom was the emphasis on quality over quality. Buy the best you can afford then really wear it," he told Barneys. So for all you dudes, who just hoard stuff in their closet just to show, take note. 

He did also outline five things he thinks men should follow to help take their style to the next level. 

1. Trust yourself.
2. Buy less, but buy better.
3. Always have a pink Oxford shirt ready for days when you’re feeling run down.
4. Invest in good shoes and a good watch—they elevate everything you wear them with.
5. Befriend a good tailor.

Number three might not be for everyone, but the rest should be added to your style commandments if you still haven’t. For the rest of the interview visit The Window website.

[via The Window]