This past summer, Lady Gaga posed nude (and later with dreadlocks) on a unique throne made of circuit boards, lcd screens, and other electronic parts, and her fans (and techies) ate it up, retweeting the image over 50,000 times. Created by BRC Designs in Spartanburg, South Carolina, the "Binary Chair 01" then started a long journey around the world before recently landing in New York for Gaga's ArtPop release party, art exhibit, and dance party known as ArtRave. The 400lb chair will join the art pieces made in collaboration with Jeff Koons, Marina Abramović and Robert Wilson. Though the art piece has been and will continue to tour with Gaga, the Wall Street Journal reports that it still belongs to the designer Benjamin Caldwell, who will also be creating a larger electronic installation for the event: "Thousands of electronic components have gone into the installation...I was also able to truck away two 26-foot trucks full of electronics from one thrift store." 

Binary Chair 01 will make appearances at Design Miami at ArtBasel, a pop-up Wired shop in New York, and at various Internet companies on the West Coast on a "Binary Technology Tour." For more information and to read the full story of the chair, head over to WSJ.

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