Before his first Yeezus show in Brooklyn at Barclays Center, Kanye West apparently popped intothe offices of Fancy to have a quick (45-minute) talk with the staff. We've been told that Yeezy discussed his design company DONDA and his goals for the future. He told them that he wants to disrupt the fashion industry and that someday he wants DONDA to be a trillion-dollar company. We've heard Kanye say these things before in interviews and on stage, but those who were there say he was just as passionate about it away from the cameras and lights.

Of course, Kanye dropped a few gems on the Fancy crew during his time there. He said that society as a whole should start "embracing each other as creatives" and that individuals shouldn't be too "protective of their self image." That spirit of collaboration and openness was a recurring theme for West, as he told his small audience that they should "challenge themselves to say things out loud" and that they shouldn't get "caught up" with having only one great idea. As someone who has long felt that the world wants to pigeonhole him, Kanye left the Fancy staff with the motivational nugget that they should "push boundaries" and not be afraid to do things on their own and start their own trends.

Could this have been a stop on the DONDA design lecture series? Maybe not officially, but we're still looking out for where and when the next one will be.

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