The acclaimed Cuban artist Jorge Rodríguez Gerada works often in the mediums of earth and land to create massive terrestrial portraits best viewed from above. Recently, in conjunction with the annual Belfast Festival at Queens, he unveiled the largest piece he’s ever done in the form, using advanced satellite technology and natural materials to accomplish its composition. It’s an 11-acre portrait of an anonymous child. Titled Wish, the image has text to go along with it: “A new face for Belfast on the old face of the city. Is this just wishful thinking or a genuine hope for a brighter future for all of us who share this land?” 

Though viewers are encouraged to walk through the piece, or take an oblique look from a neighboring rooftop, it is best viewed via the air. Fortunately, the festival created a video to assist in that bird’s eye view. Check out the clip above and more of Gerada's work on his website.

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[via AnimalNewYork]