Era: Streetwear 2Day

"I’ve always been a really big fan of No Mas and I don’t understand why they’re not more successful than they are. They’re so unique, there’s really no other streetwear company that just makes funny references to weird moments in sports. Maybe that’s the reason why. Maybe it's because to be in their audience, you have to be a super, uber nerd. You have to be that guy that watches Sportscenter on loop four times in a row everyday.

"Usually those guys aren’t fashionable guys. That guy doesn’t go to Reedspace and Union, so maybe that's why. The number of those armchair quarterbacks that play fantasy football and watch Sportscenter and also go to Union are very few and far between. But that's really who their customer base is. I’ve always been a big fan and this design just poking fun at Darryl Strawberry and his ongoing cocaine and crack problem and putting his face on a 'Say No to Drugs' shirt is the equivalent of an emcee shit-talking to another emcee. This is great."