A couple months ago, George Lucas announced that he wanted to open the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum in San Francisco at Chrissy Field. Unfornutately, you need more than a dream and boat loads of money to make things happen sometimes and even Lucas has to beat out two other proposed developments for the space, including plans by the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy for an exhibition space.

According to SF Gate, American angel investor Ron Conway wrote an email in support of Lucas' museum, calling the filmmaker the greatest innovator and predicting that the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum would be "a beacon to the world that San Francisco is, and will remain, this country's capital of innovation." The email included 33 cosigners, many of whom are leaders in the tech world. Laurence Powell Jobs of Emerson Collective (and widow of Steve Jobs), Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, Twitter creators Jack Dorsey and Biz Stone, and ex-rapper MC Hammer (yep) all joined the pro-Lucas chorus, but it is still up to the Presidio Trust board to decide if Lucas or one of the other two finalists will move forward with their proposals.

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