As you're well aware, social media is unavoidable these days. And as someone who has done all that's possible to avoid it, I have finally succumbed to one juggernaut in particular: Instagram. Very quickly on, from the people who I follow, to the ones my friends follow, and who follow me, I noticed that there was a cohesive network that had been unknowingly built up via this social media platform. 

From there, I got my lurk on. I took a close look at a few of the people whose style intrigued me. After investigating who follows them, who they interact with, and how they display their talents (utilizing not only instagram but Twitter, Facebook, and even Myspace), it was easy to see that these young ingenue's had something special. It wasn't just having a unique look,and great style, but true talent and creativity that would help them build a career with longevity. 

For our November 2013 issue, we spent some time with these upstarts as their stars begin to rise. Some have already graced the pages of cult and fashion magazines like i-D, V Magazine, WAD, and Dazed, amd are clearly on the come-up. Whether it's music, fashion,  or art, this is a look into the future of our culture.