It's hard to talk about Bob Dylan without saying something that's already been said. The man is a musical genius who completely changed a generation of people culturally and politically. Although Dylan has been sketching his whole life, the artist has not publicly displayed his visual art until recent years. When the German curator Ingrid Mössinger came upon his sketches, she insisted that he continue to paint with watercolor and gouache. Dylan also dabbles in collages and sculptures. Nonetheless, he has garnered plenty of attention over his visual works, both negative and positive. 

A lot of celebrities come under heat for moving on from their initial talents, but we'd like to give Dylan the benefit of the doubt and say that he is simply expanding the body of artistic work that he has participated in for over fifty years. Let's be real, we can't hate a man for pursuing his creative endeavors. In fact, his official music video for "the greatest song of all time," "Like A Rolling Stone" premiered yesterday and is as creative and innovative as it gets. We recommend you check out the 10 Things to Know About Bob Dylan's Visual Art Career to get a better picture of what this man does other than write life-changing music.

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