If you're looking for a piece that will make you stand out among the sea of leather jogging pants, Air Max 90s and bomber jackets, Blue Blue Japan's latest drop is the one. 

The PureIndigo Sashiko Patch jacket was made, as its name suggests, out of authentic indigo used to dye sashiko quilt fabric - a traditional Japanese embroidered cloth.

Blue Blue Japan is a company founded on the concept of marrying history and modernity, and this jacket doesn't stray from that idea. The sashiko running stitch technique is customarily used to put patches on worn clothing; Blue Blue Japan has taken this look and struck gold with their Saturday release of the Sashiko Patch jacket.

Multi-colored patches, deep hues of blue and tiny, meticulous "little stabs," - "sashiko's" literal translation - make this cotton jacket a fly look from both up close and far range. 

Cop at the brand's flagship store Okura, or on their site here. 

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