Artist Bill Fitzgibbons Transforms Historic Underpass With LED Light Installation

Public artist creates a community hot spot with his dazzling light show.

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Alabama-based artist Bill Fitzgibbons has transformed the historic 18th Street underpass in Birmingham with his latest project LightRails. LightRails was created with REV Birmingham, an economic development organization that seeks to improve the quality of life for Birmingham residents. The underpass was built in 1931, and connects the Parks District and the city center, two major areas in town. 

The installation was constructed using 250 LED units, which are all linked to a computerized system that allows Fitzgibbons to alter the color spectrum. And with 16 million different frequencies and colors, he certainly has ample creative possibilities. The centralized system allows Fitzgibbons to control the tunnel’s ambiance. The installation was created in part to make the tunnel more pedestrian- and biker-friendly, as well as to welcome visitors to the city.

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