Release date: Aug. 24, 2010
Photography: Will Cotton
Art direction: Jo Ratcliffe
Label: Capitol

Um, look. It'd be silly not to think that Katy Perry's good looks and ease in sexuality helped to move a fair share of albums. Whether it's fireworks shooting out of her chest or her chest shooting out of whatever she's wearing, Perry's never been afraid to show off her assets, which is saying something for the cover of her third LP Teenage Dream, where she's lying face down.

It was painted photorealistically by Will Cotton and revealed over a live webcast. The painting captures an otherworldly sense that a photograph just couldn't have. Nevertheless, it features Perry lying naked in clouds of cotton candy, which, in and of itself, is miraculous for at least three reasons. One way or another, it's the teenage dream of every kid: A world where a beautiful woman waits for you on infinite piles of pink cotton candy. —Dale Eisinger