It’s hard to call something as complex and feature-heavy as this massive structure simply a treehouse. But that’s the designation given to this $62 million structure, brought to our attention through the new issue of Robb Report, the ultimate compendium of things people with way too much money (like so much money) can spend all their frivolous money on. The Robb Report is like SkyMall for people with private jets.

Anyway, the #1 thing on the Robb Report’s ultimate in luxury gift guide this year is the treehouse. The treehouse of our dreams. The treehouse we could never imagine even as children. It’s 20,000 square feet of shit that puts the Swiss Family Robinson to shame: zip lines, a pool, a lazy river, a water-operated elevator (?), a helipad, and probably a lot of other things you can’t find out about without a hefty deposit.

If you’re interested in this masterpiece and the rest of the Robb Report, check it out over here. 

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[via Curbed]