Here's some unbe-weave-able news: In Houston last month, $15,000 worth of weaves were stolen from a hairshop called Mr. Indian Hair. Instead of dispensing the replacement hair on the corner and other classic black market channels, the crooks were actually identified because they were trying to move the meaves via social media, a local news station is reporting.

Four women ran off from the Houston business with a fuck ton of hair, and even though they were caught on camera, there were no breaks in the case. But instead of trying to sell the hair on the sly, they were selling the weaves on Instagram, and a few good samaritans people reported the news directly to shop-owner Kehlin Farooq after seeing the manes being hawked on the Innanets.

Thanks to this development, two of the thieves, Gayle Quoquisia and Sherrel Hadnot, were arrested, while their accomplices, Alisa Flannagan and Jameisha Kennon still roam the streets of H-Town loaded down with hair.

The shop owner says the thirst for weaves in Houston is real, and attributes this to celebrities. "You have so many celebrities wearing this type of hair now, and a lot of women want that look,” he told the news station.

This is some pretty Screw'd up news, but it shows the depths and desperation that some will go to for 15 racks and a fresh 'do.

[via KHOU]