The ultimate display of thirst (second only to Instagram comments) is the bouquet toss at a wedding. Bridesmaids and unmarried wedding guests try to kill each other to catch flowers because they believe that the person who does will be the next to get married. Aunts are trampled, nieces are kicked, and strangers are elbowed in the jaw by lonely women who give zero fux and just want that colorful symbol of hope. 

Brides Throwing Cats turns that limp bouquet into a live and innocent pet, clawing its way through the air. The Photoshopped images are in the same vein as Balls Replaced With Cats, only slightly funnier because of the gowns and smiling brides. Check out a few of our favorites above and do yourself a favor by checking out the rest on Tumblr.

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[via BridesThrowingCats]