Mike Tyson has a love for pigeons and is from New York City, so a collaboration between the legendary boxer and Staple is an obvious fit. It's such a good idea in fact, that they're back for the second round of working together after dropping a collection this past summer.

Tyson would pulverize the shit out of anything that walked into his path in the '80s, and he even had his own awesome game, Mike Tyson's Punch Out, where you could try your best to knock him out. Going with this theme, Staple has used graphics from the game on a handful of T-shirts and sweatshirts, but the crowning jewel of the collection is a varsity jacket declaring Mike Tyson as world champion—of the game, of course.

But the collection isn't stuck in Tyson's glory days, the graphics also take a progression throughout his made-for-TV-like career—from the days of the hi-top fade to his now infamous facial tattoo.

Right now, the collection is available at select Staple retailers.

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