Shouts to Gant Rugger for making a spread collar, washed out, fucked up western. A spread on a western shirt is like those hybrid cars that have both electric and gasoline engines. IT'S THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS, YOU UNGRATEFUL MOTHERFUCKERS. Remember the ill-fated Jay Z/R Kelly team up of the same name? Yikes. Unlike that shit, this shirt will probably live up to even the wildest of expectations. And you already know the folks at Gant Rugger can’t help but make a #menswear illuminati reference in the shirt name. "Rippedfrontpocket"? GET IT? BASTIN’S TUMBLR IS CALLED RIPPEDBACKPOCKET. ONLY YOU AND THE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW HIM WILL GET THAT REFERENCE WHEN YOU’RE SHOPPING HARD IN THE PAINT AT THE KING OF PRUSSIA MALL.

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