As part of her Diamonds world tour, Rihanna performed in Abu Dhabi on Saturday night, and although it might be expected that there were some objections to her sexy dance moves, she was acting too scandalous before she even hit the stage. According, to the Mirror, RiRi was asked to leave the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque after posing for a photo shoot that didn't respect the "sanctity" of the place of worship.

According to a statement issued by the Grand Mosque, "The Centre strives to ensure that visitors enter the mosque in a decent fashion, and refrain from behaving in any way that is inconsistent with the sanctity of this religious place." Rihanna's photos were considered disrespectful, and she was asked to leave.

In the photo shoot, taken by photographer Gomillion Leupold, Rihanna complies with the Grand Mosque's clothing rules, covering her hair and skin in an all black outfit. While her dance moves later that night may have crossed a line—and even while performing, she made an effort to cover up—this shoot isn't overtly sexy (excepting the fact that this is Rihanna, after all). While a few of her poses or expressions may be considered too scandalous, compared to most of her outfits, this seems to be RiRi at her most tame. More questionable is the fact that her outfit alludes to a Burka, but even that is up for debate.

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