Kate Spade might want to put its designs through a couple more edits before actually releasing them. The latest misstep involving the New York-based brand is a tote bag from the brand that reads, “I♥ K♠NY.” 

If you’re familiar with the brand you might read the graphic as, “I Heart K Spade NY.” But for the uninitiated, or if you take a quick glance, it can easily be read as, “I Heart Kony,” a mistake plenty of people are making. We’re sure Kate Spade isn’t embracing the African warlord Joseph Kony who stands accused of war crimes, but it needs to be a little careful on what it releases. 

This isn't the first time the deisgn team at Kate Spade has nabbed headlines with its work. During the launch of Kate Spade Saturdays, Saturdays Surf NYC took exception to the very similar font and graphic used by Kate Spade's team.

Who knows, maybe these designs aren’t all mistakes and are just a crafty PR move. As they say, “there's no such thing as bad press.” However, this is far from the most ratchet moments in fashion history.

The bags, which retail at $228, are now all but gone from Nordstrom website. We’re not sure if they sold our or were simply taken down.

[via BusinessWeek