Pharrell Williams and JR both posted the first photo above to Instagram of one of JR's photo projects inside of a half-demolished building in Paris. JR's Instagram also features the second image above, and the artist explains that the photos are never-before-seen images of a project he did a year ago "in the complete shadows."

He writes that the building was the installation site for his first enlargements nearly ten years ago for the 28 Millimeters Portraits of a Generation (2004) project, and that he managed to escape being arrested for it. In 2005, riots in France started at the same location with JR's photography as the backdrop. Fast forward to a year ago when JR learned that the building was going to be demolished, so he and 25 friends took the old portraits and pasted them inside the building so that the cranes would expose them. In the caption on the first image, JR writes, "I look forward to the next step with genius @pharrell ★ #28mm," so it looks like this reveal will also relate back to the video project that they are cooking up. 

JR is currently showing in London at Lazarides and says that he will be revealing more images from this special project so follow him on Instagram, maybe he or Pharrell will reveal more details about their collaboration as well.

[via Instagram]  


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