Many celebrities use Instagram to try and appear relatable to their fans, sharing candid photos of their everyday activities. However, The 25 Best Hip-Hop Instagram Pictures Of The Week, has shown that most music stars have lives that are way better than we could imagine. Rapper Instagrams are filled with insane party photos, superstar stage performances, and endless swag. From a pic of Rihanna smoking two gigantic blunts at once in Amsterdam to epic photos of Trinidad James captured mid-air on stage, rapper Instagrams show us who is really living the high life. Also, some celebrities use the social media platform as a way to explore their artsier sides. Swizz Beatz often shares pictures of his and his friends' works of art. And some stage performances look like beautifully composed photos, like the ones of Tyga and The Weeknd. Whether they actually lead such fabulous lives or just know how to capture them with an aesthetic lens, these are the 100 Rapper Instagrams That Will Make You Hate Your Life.

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