The inaugural show at the new Los Angeles space of Tif Sigfrids is an unusual one, in the sense that all of the art is placed within the gallerist’s ear.

Joe Sola, a conceptual artist who has done works that include forcing male models to make art and getting run over by a team of high school football players, has created a new show called “Portraits: An Exhibition in Tif Sigfrid’s Ear.” It’s exactly what it sounds like—the artist created microscopic portrait—as small as 11/128 x 6/64 inches—that fit in a small exhibition space...aka the ear of the gallery’s owner. The artwork will be on display in her ear during gallery hours, until the exhibition closes, on November 9.

“The paintings are, of course, extremely small,” Sola told Art in America of the exhibition, “and they are expressive with regards to brush strokes and the blending of paint. The paintings are composed almost completely from the tiny granules of pigment. Different colors have different size granules of pigment, giving each painting its own texture. On the checklist for the exhibition, you can actually see these granules of pigment from the macro-photography I did of the paintings.” 

For more information, visit Tif Sigfrids’ website

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[via DesignBoom]