Check out these napkins designed by students at the Miami Ad School, in San Francisco. They take the notion of modern art and turn it into the chance encounter of food. Though it may be a little cynical to the art world, in design, it’s pretty clever. Art direction was by Tomás Azoubel Lima and copywriting was done by Letícia Rodrigues de Abreu.

The idea was to print frames on napkins and place them in coffee shops around the city, as food splatters and coffee drips mirror the paintings of abstract expressionism in a new way. 

The statement from the artists was this: 

These napkins will become blank canvasses for people to interact with and create their own Abstract Expressionist "paintings." A playful tagline evokes art critique's clichés and invites people to check out MOMA's comprehensive collection to help them get inspired. The results can be shared on Instagram using a hashtag, reaching a bigger audience through the social network.

Check out a few examples above. It should be noted this design is in no way related officially to MoMA.

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[via PSFK]

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