Hometown: New York
Years active: As a duo: 1993 - 1995 / Separately: 1980s - Present

COST and REVS are two of New York's most prolific graffiti writers. In the early '90s, the duo was ubiquitous with stickers, rollers, murals, and posters. COST and REVS took their work a step further than most graffiti and street artists at that time by engaging with the public through providing a phone number on their work. The number led to an answering machine where they would rant on the recording, and people could respond. Though COST was arrested and his identity has since been revealed, REVS stayed anonymous. COST continues to poster and tag New York to this day, and REVS has produced some welded sculptures. The two are landmarks in graffiti and street art history for their visual domination of the city of New York, directly influencing artists like Shepard Fairey and just about everyone else who was getting up in New York City in the 1990s.