I’m sure some of you are questioning this M.Nii sweatshirt right now. HOW DARE YOU QUESTION MY TASTE?! But, like Pun said, “They even doubted Jesus.” I like this crewneck because it reminds me of the types of sweatshirts cool guys who drive rusted out pick up trucks in Los Angeles wear while working on their motorcycles and building miniramps in their garages and petting their adorably aggressive looking, straight from the pound dogs. Wear this sweatshirt kind of tight with a white tee poking out of the waistline with your most destroyed denim and all you’ll need are lots of arm tattoos, some grease under your fingernails and a dog whose violent history you’re gleefully ignoring. THEN ALL THE HONEYDIPS IN LA WHO WEAR SLOUCHY BEANIES AND SHORT SHORTS WILL BE SUPER INTO YOU.