This video has gone viral because it is very convincing. The mini-documentary entitled "Man in a Cube" features a creative writer named Dave who wanted to get off the grid. Dave packed up and moved into the "Alamo" (the Astor Place Cube), an outdoor sculpture designed by Bernard Rosenthal and installed in the New York City back in 1967. Dave explains that over time he renovated the interior of the cube to make it livable, adding a generator to power lights and a stove. Around this point in the documentary we remembered that the cube spins, and we were about to call bullshit when Dave beat us to the punch and addressed that issue. 

A few people online recognized the WHIL meditation technique that Dave mentions at the end of the video as something promoted by Lululemon founder Dennis Wilson. They came to the conclusion that the whole thing was an elaborate hoax to promote the WHIL brand. We watched the video again and noticed that the footage shows Dave climb up the Cube, and it shows him inside, but the Cube is never in the frame when he is halfway. Mashable spoke with a New York City Parks Department spokesperson that said that the entering the Cube is impossible.  Well played Dave, well played.

[via ApartmentTherapy]