"Write of Passage" is an art exhibition at the center of a larger six-week educational program that explores the impact that American graffiti has had around the world. The exhibition itself, curated by Mass Appeal and Sacha Jenkins, will show at Red Bull Studios New York beginning October 18. Included in the exhibit are articles of clothing, canvasses, photos, and over 100 other artifacts related to the practice and culture of graffiti. There are also four installations that visitors can experience in the shape of a tattoo parlor, subway train and tunnel, construction site, and a scrap yard.

Artists whose work appears in the exhibition include Futura, Daze, Claudia "CLAW" Money, Dondi, Todd James, Cope 2, COST, Haze, Miss 17, Kaves, Freedom, YES 2, Cycle, and Fargo, among others. The exhibition closes on November 23 so make sure you don't sleep. For more information "Write of Passage" exhibition page

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