A wise man once said that an all-new wardrobe isn't necessary every time the seasons change. Of course, a depleted bank account may have had something to do with this realization, too. Smart and stylish people know that all it takes is one or two new investment pieces added into your existing wardrobe to give it that updated feeling. And by investment pieces, we're both refeing to an item's price, but this can also mean an inexpensive and timeless garment that will outlast any trend or momentary fad.

To be clear: We're not saying you need all of these must-have items. What we mean is just one or a few of these can be the cornerstone to refreshing your rotation, and you can build most of your key looks around these pieces. Whether on a budget or ballin' out, if you're in need of a new jacket, denim, coat, or shoes that will start a conversation, these are 20 Must-Have Items To Build An Awesome Fall Wardrobe to start off this season in style. 

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