In the few minutes each day when he's not styling every Complex cover, guide section, and fashion editorial, Matthew Henson is typically advising friends, family, and some of the heaviest names in entertainment on what they should be wearing. We figured why not share his wisdom directly with our audience? 

It's kind of weird being asked what my fall essentials are for several reasons.

First off, I just finished buying all of my fall gear. To be honest, I didn't buy much since I plan to wearing all my stuff from last fall and winter. And yes, some summer stuff too.

Secondly, I definitely don't shop as much as I probably should. I've been wearing the same jeans for years, and the last times I've been shopping I've only gotten a few T-shirts, one new coat, a new jacket, and, okay fine, I OVERDOSED on shoes and boots. 

The third reason is because you guys are brutal in the comments. You'll roast me no matter what. If everything is affordable, you'll say I'm not actually wearing it. If I list all of the expensive things I save up for and splurge on, you'll say I can afford it with my huge magazine salary (even though a quick Google search would enlighten you to the fact that there is no such thing as a huge salary for a Fashion Editor).

With that being said, here are all of the items I'll be wearing this fall. I typically stuck to my favorite brands, including Acne Studios, Naked & Famous, and ETQ-Amsterdam, but here's what I included in the inaugural edition of Complex Fashion Editor Matthew Henson's Fall Essentials.