Despite any pre-concieved notions you may have, visvim has been around much longer than just the past few years. Thanks to the likes of Kanye, A$AP Rocky and John Mayer, awareness of the Japanese brand's presence has risen in the mainstream consciousness. But the relatively small business has been around for over a decade consistently churning out what creator Hiorki Nakamura designates and perceives simply as "good product." Operating with such noble and honest intentions within the fickle nature of the menswear/streetwear worlds is quite a feat. But when you're good, you're good.

Visvim doesn't have a lot of secrets, especially since Hiroki is uniquely open to speaking with any and everyone who exhibits interest in his brand. However, when visvim is compared to some of the Ura-Hara era brands of the '90s, a movement anchored by favorites like Bathing Ape and Fragment Design, you definitely want to learn all there is to know. Here's your chance to delve into some unfamiliar territory about the 12-year-old brand that's one of the hottest labels today. These are 15 Things You Didn't Know About visvim.

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