There's no set path to break into the fashion industry. You can go to fashion school, create a hype brand, or work your way up from the bottom. But if you show your collection at New York Fashion Week, there's a high probability you're on the right path.

But how do you get to this momunemtal moment? For starters, VFiles is giving an upcoming designer a chance to show their collection at the New York-based shop's spring/summer 2014 runway show.

And you'll be in good company. Via an image posted on Instagram, VFiles said, "Are you the next Shayne Oliver? Gerlan Jeans? Are you the next RAF???? OMG enter this."

That would put you amongst the most relative names in fashion. To win a chance to be in the show, upload your collection to VFile's website and tag it with #vfilesmadefashion. Best of luck.

[via VFiles]

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