There are all these horror stories about moving to New York City and living in a filthy apartment the size of a tuna can. While that might be true for some unlucky souls, The Hill-Side is here to disprove these rumors. The accessories experts visited a few Brooklyn apartments to highlight the fall/winter 2013 collection in home environments that match the vibes of the label.

With the help of photographer Backyard Bill, the styling of James Wilson from Secret Forts, and the hospitality of some cool friends, we get to see what the new collection offers as well as some dope apartments. Included in this season is a fresh offering of scarves, bow ties, pocket squares, and handkerchiefs spread out in the spaces of J.Crew's Frank Muytjens and Sweetu Patel from C'H'C'M',to name a few. Check the lookbook for some home inspiration, as well as finding the accessories you should be copping from Hill-Side stockists.