This is the time of year when thousands of fans leave permanent imprints on their couches every Sunday while they munch down on nachos. Fuck pumpkin spice; the smell of football is in the air. And even when it's not kick-off time, we get our sports fix via the classic films that we all know and love. If you haven't already noticed, jerseys are becoming the latest fashion must-haves for the menswear set. And being the film fans that we are, we were waiting for life to imitate the awesome jerseys from the big screen.

Most are from fictional teams, but there are famous customs that die-hard cinephiles and sports buffs would bid thousands on eBay to buy. Sometimes you need something a little nostalgic that reminds you of your formative years for some inspiration for your next outfit. Check out The 15 Best Jerseys Ever Worn in Movies.

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