With all the complaining about the small size and high cost of apartments, you might be surprised to find designers vying to create micro spaces.

Swedish design firm Tengbom Architects has created a sharply designed 10-square-meter house, with all the amenities of a fully functional living space. Designed for students, the micro-cottage features a sleeping loft, kitchen, bathroom, and patio garden. It’s also very environmentally friendly, made out of locally sourced wood that has low carbon emissions, and constructed by laminate in a low-energy way. The design was spearheaded by Linda Camara and Pontus Åqvist.

At the moment, the flat is simply on display at the Viserum Art Museum to raise awareness about the needs of sustainable housing and construction. However, 22 livable units will be built by 2014 for students to be able to move into, according to the architects.

This is what Camara has to say:

By exhibiting this well planned and sustainable student flat we want to challenge the conventional views and show new ways of thinking. What is “good” living? What materials can we use? To meet the future in a sustainable way we must be innovative in all aspects and have the courage to break new ground.

The exhibit will be on display until December 8, 2013.

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[via Designtaxi]