Dog, it's 2013. It's nearly 2014. That is mind-boggling, especially if you're calculating time by Internet standards. 10 years ago is practically a century if you're existing in the ever-changing online landscape. We are able to see what our favorite rappers and hip-hop icons are doing practically every second of every day. We're also able to see what they're wearing, which is crucial since they influence the fashion trends we deem cool or un-cool every single day. 

Since 2003, hip-hop has adopted a new trend of their own every single year. Trying to keep up with what was hot back in 2005 is tough, but luckily, we know our shit. Get all nostalgic while you pop in your "Best of" tapes from years past and check out Style Trends That Defined Hip-Hop Every Year For the Last 10 Years.

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