Even before the Hood By Air show got started, the cameras started snapping away as Kanye West sat in the front row at the label's second official showing at New York Fashion Week. Because of A$AP Rocky closing last season's runway show, rumors were swirling about who would show up and/or model this time around. Kanye, who was spotted earlier this week at the Louise Goldin show, came through wearing a powder blue knitted popover shirt, Balmain motorcycle jeans, and Timberlands. He sat next to it-model of the moment Willy Cartier and in front of Been Trill's Matthew Williams and Heron Preson.

Along with a packed house that came for the waviness, Kanye took in a collection that designer Shayne Oliver told us was inspired by early 20th century medical equipment, industralization, and sports. While last season was definitely a showcase that leaned more towards art than wearability, Oliver's skills and abilities to deal in the abstract were reigned in a little this season as he sent gear down the runway that was heavy on zippers, deconstructed garments, and sheer trillness.