The street artist known simply as Ever completed a massive new mural in Washington D.C. in congress with the Heineken Mural Project. Ever, who hails from Argentina, has been quite the globe-trotter as of late: we’ve seen him in Arizona, Buenos Aires, Baltimore, and elsewhere in the last few months.

His new piece, which he completed with help from ArtWhino, appears to be about 40-feet tall at points, and wraps around two sides of a sizeable building in the capitol city. It's titled Description Foucault's Panopticon Theory and its ConsequencesCheck out a few perspectives showing the scale of the mural above.

The Heineken Mural Project is a pop-up art and music festival. This year, in addition to Ever, the beery brouhaha tapped artists Rubin, Brendan Tierney, Aniekan, Chor Boogie, Clogtwo, and Mark 27.

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[via Street Art News]