In an episode of Vanity Fair's web series "@VFHollywood", Rodarte's Kate and Laura Mulleavy revealed which male celebrity they'd like to design for. No, they didn't choose someone like A$AP Rocky or eve Kanye West. Their celeb of choice? The sleeveless-shirt-king, Vin Diesel

“I mean, he’d be the most fun to design for because he makes movies like Chronicles of Riddick… or even something like Fast and the Furious. You remember the things that the characters kinda wear as their signature…”Kate told Vanity Fair when asked if she and Laura thought they could design for the actor. 

Diesel isn't the most stylish guy out there, and neither are the characters he plays, but this could be interesting. Can you imagine Dominic Toretto rocking the same Rodarte sweaters Drake and Jay Z have been spotted in? Or maybe one of the label's famous knitted sweater? Hm. 

Check out the full episode below. 

[via Fashionista]