Since 4000 B.C., gold has been used for jewelry, and later for coins. But as time progressed, and as people have become more creative, stranger things have been dipped, draped, and made out of the precious metal.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian allegedly spent nearly $1 million on a gold toilet for their Bel-Air pad. Crazy, but not the craziest we've seen or heard of. Earlier this year, an Indian man by the name of Datta Phuge shelled out $250,000 for a gold shirt that took 15 goldsmiths two weeks to make. Still, you'd be foolish to think that's all.

Few things signify wealth and luxury more than gold, and designers and companies alike recognize this. As a result, they have made just about any product imaginable available in gold—sometimes gold with diamonds and even with shavings of a fossilized T-Rex. From chocolates to AK-47s, here are The Most Ridiculous Gold Items You Can Buy.

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