You might remember Put This On's web-series—it's been quite some time since Jesse Thorn, the man behind the menswear blog that started the series, has aired an episode (nine months to be exact). But the series is back from its hiatus and has put together a new 12-minute episode from Milan.

This time, the topic of discussion is the consolidation of high fashion brands, and the perceived quality that you receive from these labels versus what you'd get from a bespoke craftsmen. The episode interviews a handful of Italian dudes such as Pino Pipoli, a resident dandy, and Antonio Pio Mele, a shoemaker, and they discuss the murky value that lies within today's high fashion brands. It's even brought up that Italians don't wear labels such as Salvatore Ferragamo, and leave it to the Americans. 

Watch the video above to escape New York Fashion Week and take a trip to Italy.

[via Put This On]