Stoflighed might be a strange word unfamiliar in your vocabulary, but for those in Denmark it’s a major part of their design DNA. The word translates to a mixture of materials and texture, and it’s the focus for Norse Projects’ latest project involving Vault by Vans, textile producer and fellow Danish brand Kvadrat, and furniture from Poul Kjærholm.

The final products born out of this mold-shattering collaboration involve the Era and Chukka silhouettes from Vans, and a daybed and folding stool from Poul Kjærholm. All are laced with some serious rug-like fabrics provided by Kvadrat. With fall here, we know it's tempting to leave your summertime Vans underneath your bed as it gets a little colder, but leave it brands who reside in colder climates to solve the dilemmas of rocking two iconic kicks that will keep your feet toasty and your style style just as hot.

The collection released today and is available on Norse Projects' website